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So today's freebie is a simple to use PSD file with some smart object voodoo to make it easier on you when you want to show some details. Just change out the smart object content on the layer replace, and you get a nice little detail shot ready for showing off.

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All of the files under the category freebies are completely free for you to use. Commercially or not.
So go ahead, download this puppy and make something cool with it.

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Thank U very much!

Posted 4 years ago


Nice and useful, thank you!

Posted 5 years ago

Daniel Paul

WOW, this is awesome! Thanks! :D

Posted 6 years ago

OJ Shin

I used this for App Store Screenshot. Thank you very much.

Posted 7 years ago


Nice and useful, thank you! :)

Posted 7 years ago


This is really cool , thanks for the freebie :)

Posted 7 years ago