I'm moving to a new blog. A blog that's all about my adventures as a traveling designer and wonder seeker.

Well, I’ll start the story with this blog post. I started a site called 92five.net, and put a lot of hard work into it, made some cool freebies and files for sale on the envato marketplaces…

Then I got this amazing chance to be the first guest author on premiumpixels.com ran by the amazing Orman Clark. Since Orman was the guy that inspired me to do all of this, it is ironic that that guest author post would take me to new places.

Since that post, I met the best team of young and smart people which I work with now. So those two power buttons started all of this. Since then I travelled to the US to meet the team, and doing what I love doing is the best thing that happened to me, so a big thank you to mr. Clark for giving designers a chance to get their dream jobs!

Oh, and this is a new version of 92five, I will be shutting down the old site slowly, so I just changed domains, and I hope to provide you with more tutorials and good articles and less trashy freebies :)

Power Buttons on Premium Pixels

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hersir fotris


Posted 7 years ago

Jilson Thomas

I hope, you will give me a chance as well :P

Posted 11 years ago