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I'm moving to a new blog. A blog that's all about my adventures as a traveling designer and wonder seeker.

Well here's a first! A gadget review on my blog. I just had to do this one because I love it so much!

What's in the package?

You get the mic, a usb cable to connect it to your laptop or PC and a nice and compact carrying case. The packaging itself is pretty nice too!

The gadget

This is a super simple and handy microphone for filming tutorials, recording podcasts or just a random skype call. I really needed something better than the built-in MacbookAir mic but didn't want to spend crazy money on a professional microphone so I decided to go with this entry level one. This microphone has a micro usb port on one side and a mode switch on the other. The switch is for controlling the three modes this microphone has. Because it's a double sided microphone you can switch it from recording audio on one side only or flip it to record a 360 degree field of sound. The third setting is -10dB for speaking really close to the mic.

You likin' it?

I love it, first of all it was only $40, and secondly the build and audio quality are way above what I expected from such a cheap product. The microphone is sturdy and feels really heavy, it also has a little pivot and clamp mechanism in its stand so you can clip it on to your laptop or monitor or just leave it standing on it's own.


I did a couple of google hangouts and skype calls with it and everyone complimented the audio quality. Everyone also stated that it sounds like "being there". I've also tried to record some video tutorials that I'll be publishing soon and the quality is light years ahead of the MacbookAir's built-in microphone. It's probably not a microphone for music use, but for regular voice recordings it works flawlessly.




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