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I recently upgraded from Photoshop CS4 to CS6 and can’t believe it took so long. Adobe’s premier software has been on the market for nearly a quarter of a century and the company’s constant dedication to improving their platform is truly on display with the latest version. Here’s a quick breakdown of a few of my favorite new features:

Improved Speed

Adobe Photoshop CS6 marks the introduction of the Mercury Graphics Engine, which utilizes your video graphics card processing unit to boost performance of high-memory activities. That translates to quicker performance when you are using the improved Crop tool, lighting effects, changing brushes, or navigating between documents.

Redesigned Crop

The crop function has been a staple of the Photoshop toolset for years and it’s nice to see it finally get an upgrade. The latest version allows you to see what you’re keeping and eliminating as well as adjust your selection with a real-time view.

Custom Keyboard Commands

There are a few functions that I use all the time that Adobe has neglected to provide native commands to accomplish – even some basics like scaling an image. Thankfully, CS6 gives you the ability to create custom keyboard shortcuts. Keeping your mouse out of the menus and on the image adds up to a big productivity boost.

Content Awareness

Photoshop CS4 introduced content-aware scaling. The latest version expands on that technology by adding content-aware patching, moving, and filling to the mix. Additionally, skin tone-aware selections and masking making it easier than ever to work with flesh in photos, adaptive wide angle technology allowing you to correct fisheye distortion, and improved auto-corrections.

Lorem Ipsum

As a designer, I don’t have time to worry about words! That’s why I got so excited when Adobe introduced the Lorem Ipsum function to their software allowing me to place dummy text within a document. Even better, I created a keyboard shortcut to do so. Instead of searching the web for filler text, all I do now is click a few keys.

Layer Search

For you CS5 users, this may not be totally new. For me, coming from CS4, however, this is a huge improvement when working with multilayered documents. I can quickly search by layer name, effect, or kind. This lets me find what I’m looking for much more manageable.

These represent a fraction of the improvements Adobe has made – just some of what works best for me. Grab a copy and play around to find your favorites. To get the best price, take advantage of an Adobe Promo Code to get a big discount on a monthly subscription to the Creative Cloud to enjoy all of Adobe’s software collection or get incredible student pricing on Photoshop alone. That way, you can keep up with all the new tricks and tips in my CS6-inspired tutorials.

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john moses


Posted 4 months ago


Your blog is awesome! But its not updated regularly! Anyways, love it!

Posted 6 years ago