I'm moving to a new blog. A blog that's all about my adventures as a traveling designer and wonder seeker.

This post should start with an explanation to why I haven’t really been as active in the community as I was just a few months ago. The quick explanation is that I moved to sunny California from the EU, to work on this kick-ass super awesome site (a secret one). And I love it! I have been working my little programing fingers of to get the site finished ASAP, and the launch is just a couple of days away. So in preparation to the big day I have hunkered down, and just worked really hard for the past few months!

This is an exciting ride for me, I learned a lot of things, and after things calm down a bit from the launch, I have a huge amount of tutorials and freebies in mind! Because thats the point right? Sharing the things you learn and playing catch up with all the latest and greatest things that are happening in this amazing industry. And I’m just happy that I am lucky enough to be a part of it.

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dan malarkey

I'm excited to see the launch Zan! Yay!! :D

Posted 7 years ago